,,assembly” - Design-Festival in Graz

A term in a state of flux: "Design". Essentially: lat. designare, meaning “denote". Draft, outline, creation and lastly, the such formed shape of an item of practical use. In particular, describes the modern, expedient, functionally-beautiful given shape of industrial products. "Design" is more than just ,product-cosmetics". In the diction of architect Hans Hollein "Design is portrayed as the way of handling situations, circumstances, and not just as a study of the single object". The current design-denotation is opposed to being simply a determination of the idea of "good form".

Design is much more than an aid for commercial success, rather an expression of our identity. Design transcends traditional limitations: from object to (digital) space, from object to music, from artefact to lifestyle, from textile creation to fine arts and many more: pleasurable-sensual crossover of product and interior design, fashion, DJ-culture, architecture, visual media, science and Art. Design is becoming an internalized cultural lifestyle, a possibility of self-determination in an increasingly globalized world. Design supports the construction of self-esteem in the area of tension between Art and commerce, subversion and mainstream.

"assembly" summarizes – in festival-form – current "design"-tendencies. More than just a product trade fair, a kind of "temporary autonomous zone" (Hakim Bey), a purposeful alliance of creativity and everyday life.

Upcoming brands and ecological necessities, novelties from the world of design, living environments and modi of distinction from the fine arts, architectural drafts and gimmicks. "assembly" – a multi-day-journey to a way of life, a lifestyle: leaving the world of objects behind.

Text: Martin Behr